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Our tablet PC reviews and comparison charts offer informative details to help you understand the features and benefits of Android and Windows tablet PCs.  There are many tablet PC computers on the market and it can be confusing to know which is the best to buy.

Go to the Tablet PC Comparison page for a quick overview of the various brands and models that we recommend, plus keep an eye on the Tablet PC Review page for news and details about new Tablet PC devices.  Here are a couple of quick comparison charts showing our picks for Android and Windows tablet PCs.

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ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C)

ASUS MeMO Pad 7ASUS has a new MeMO Pad out with a 7 inch screen, and powered with Intel’s Atom processor at speeds between 1.3 GHz to 1.86 GHz, depending on the model you purchase.  The ASUS MeMO Pad 7 is shipping with Android 4.4 (KitKat) right out of the box.  With your choice of either 8GB or 16GB models, both with up to 64GB external storage on the SD card.  ASUS sweetens the deal with 5GB of free cloud storage for life, plus 11GB for the first year.

OK, so ASUS is pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to tablets, so a new ASUS MeMO Pad 7 inch, with 16GB would be about the best 7 inch tablet you can buy – at least as of today.

Check out these specif … (read more…)


USB Devices for Android Tablet PCs

USB Devices for Android Tablet PCsThere are several USB accessories that work with Android tablet PCs including  keyboards, mice, cameras, and memory cards.

Probably the most common use of a USB port is connecting to a PC to transfer files between the PC and tablet.  This link discusses that method in detail –> How to Connect a Tablet to a PC.

There are 3 types of USB ports available that can be used on a USB device.  The difference between … (read more…)


ASUS Fonepad 7

ASUS Fonepad 7The ASUS Fonepad 7 is a 7 inch mobile phone with full tablet functionality loaded with Android 4.2.

  • Built-in full phone and cellular 3G data function
  • High quality 7-inch HD (1280×800) IPS panel with 178 degree view angles
  • Intel Atom™ Processor for lightning-fast web and application loading
  • Enjoy an immersive entertainment experience with dual front speakers
  • 8/16/32GB of internal storage
  • High quality pictures are a snap with 1.2 MP front-facing camera and 5MP rear camera

Enjoy great sound from this 7 inch tablet featuring SonicMaster from ASUS.  The Intel 1.6GhZ Atom processor gives amazing speed in this small tablet.

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Business Use for a Android Tablet PC

Business Apps for Tablet PCs

Business Use for a Android Tablet PCMany businesses have realized the business use for a Android tablet PC and are adopting tablets into the everyday work patterns.  The convenience of carrying a tablet into meetings instead of a notebook is obvious.

Many analysts are predicting that by 2015, 30% of the population will own a tablet PC, and by 2016, the Android tablet will dominate sales.  There has been a lot of discussion about the fun usages of a tablet PC, but what about using a tablet PC for business?  Is it practical?  Do applications exist to make it even feasible?  Here is a list of business related functions that you can do with an Android tablet PC:

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eMagazines and eBooks on Tablet PCs

A tablet PC is a natural tool for reading eBooks.  What is an eBook?  It is a digital version of a book.  It is loaded onto your tablet PC or desktop or laptop PC and is read just like a real book.  Except, when it is on a tablet, it is easier to use, read, and carry around.

All eReader apps have animation showing the page turning when you slide our finger on the page.  They all keep track of the page you left off last, and opens the book directly to the page.  You can search the book for key phrases, create bookmarks to places you want to return to later, etc.eBooks on an Android Tablet PC

Reference books are great to use in digital form since searching is so much easier.  Plus, on a tablet PC, you can carry your entire library around with … (read more…)


Tablet PC vs. eReader

Will the Tablet PC replace the eReaders?

Tablet PC vs. eReaderLet’s compare the Tablet PC vs. eReader. I have a couple of book shelves full of books that I have gathered over the years.  Any one of these eReader devices can hold my entire library of books with room for much more.  I don’t think we have seen the end of the paper book, however, if I’m deciding between two books and one is paper and the other is digital, I’m buying the digital version.

But, these devices will do more than just display books.  They can also display magazines, newspapers, and other documents such as PDF files, Word documents, etc.  So, I can finally get rid of that pesky, unreliable news paper carrier.  I can read the paper without walking out to the curb and fishing my … (read more…)


Best Android tablet vs. iPad

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 Is the Better Choice

Best Android tablet vs. iPadCompare the specifications of the best Android tablet vs. iPad and you’ll see that the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 is the better option for a tablet PC.  The Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 Quad-core processor screams efficiency and power, plus the storage options with the SD card and the ASUS Web Storage out shines the iPad alone.

Add in the advantages of the stereo speakers and 8MP rear camera with flash, and a low light F/2.2 aperture seals the deal for me.

The additional flexibility that an Android tablet offers with multiple sources for apps, music, and movies lea … (read more…)


Small or Large Screen, which works best for you?

What Screen size is best, 7, 8, 9, or 10 inch?

Tablet PCs are available with screen sizes from 3.2 inches up to 12 inches.  The most common are 6 or 7 inch for eReaders like the Barnes and Noble Tablet, or the Amazon Fire.  And among Android tablets, the most common are 7 or 10 inch tablet PCs.  Samsung has also added a 7.7 inch, 8.9 inch, and 11.6 inch tablet PCs into the mix; plus ASUS has a dual 10 inch screens for one of their tablets.  What Screen size is best, 7, 8, 9, or 10 inch?

Dell was the first to come out with a 5 inch tablet, which most felt like it was too small to be a tablet, and too big to be a phone.  Archos also offers tablets as small as 3.2 inches in addition to their 4.3, 4.8, 5, and 7 inch tablet … (read more…)


Does an Android Tablet need a Quad-Core Processor?

Historically, with desktop and laptop PCs, hardware manufacturers have included a built-in obsolescence plan to encourage (or force) owners to upgrade to the newer and faster machine.  And as the hardware became faster and contained more capacity, the operating system and applications grew to fully use the newer technology.  Which meant that if you wanted to use that new version of Windows, and/or Photoshop, Quicken, etc. you had to upgrade.

The desktop PC’s hardware was struggling to keep up with the software development.  Then, it all changed.   Lately, there has not been any Dual-Core vs. Quad-Core Processorssignificant hardware improvements as far as speed and capacity goes since the hardware capacity has finally exceeded the software de … (read more…)


The Digital Movie Craze

Download Full Movies to your Tablet PCUnlimited Downloads

Don’t have the time or money to go to the movies?  There is a solution.  One that is convenient, unlimited, and suited to your lifestyle.  Thanks to the evolution of technology, digital movie downloads are fast becoming the preferred means that movie lovers watch their movies-from the comforts of their homes, when and how they wish.  All you need is a computer or a tv, and a quality movie download site to get your movies from; and then, presto, you have a home theater!

The Perfect Home Theater

So, what makes for the perfect home movie theater?  Think you need red velvet seats and a large movie screen?  Nah!  You can have just as much enjoyment-more than a theater experience-with much less expense.   … (read more…)