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Adobe Flash Finally Ready For Android Honeycomb Tablets

Google and all of the tablet PC manufacturers have tooted their devices over the iPad saying that the Android OS supports Adobe Flash, and iPad doesn’t.  Then Motorola released the Xoom without Adobe Flash support saying it is coming soon.  Well, that was a disappointment to be sure.

They are finally making good on that promise with the announcement that Adobe Flash 10.2 for Android will be released on March 18th.  Those of us who own the Xoom will receive an OS update to 3.0.1, which is an essential update to Android to support the Flash player.  In addition, Adobe Flash will be installed.  Adobe Flash 10.2 will also be available on the Android Market to download.

All devices running Android 2.2 and higher are compatible with Adobe Flash 10.2.  Devices with Android 3.0 will benefit from enhanced browser handling of websites containing both Flash, HTML, and images.  Each component will be rendered quickly and maintain their separate positions.  Devices using Android 2.2, 2.3, or 2.4 will not benefit from this enhanced browser feature and still may see some overlapping of components.

Apple has banned the Adobe Flash product from all its devices, including the iPad.  This is more than an annoyance to users since many websites and applications use Flash for at least a portion of their development.  Some websites contain a significant amount of Flash, which results in a blank display on devices not supporting Flash.

So far, developers have favored development with the Android OS since it is open source, and it does not contain the restrictions that iOS has.  The day is not too far off where there will be several applications available on Android that will never be developed for iOS.  The iPad may have the advantage over applications today, but  my prediction is that the Android Market will overcome the Apple market taking away that advantage.

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  • XoomMcGee says:

    I downloaded and installed the Adobe Flash software from the Android Market and it works well. I have not seen any issues with it. All the Flash content I have accessed is displayed nicely without any slowdown. Glad to finally have this, next is the update to activate the SD Memory slot – hope that is coming soon.

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