Amazon to release an Android Tablet PC

Update 9/2/2011: TechCrunch got their hands on a prototype and has shared some interesting tid-bits.

  • This device will be called the Amazon Kindle, but nothing like the existing Kindle.  This one will have a color touchscreen and be running an older version of Android.
  • The operating system is designed with Amazon specific functionality and will sport the dark blue and orange colors of Amazon.  The Amazon OS will not look anything like the other tablets running Honeycomb.
  • It will be a 7 inch  capacitive multi-touch screen, and if it sells well, next year Amazon will release a 10 inch device.
  • The Amazon Kindle will be tied very closely to the cloud services that Amazon offers.  Such as cloud services for music, videos, ebooks, etc.  There are not any Google apps, and it only has a connection to the Amazon AppStore.
  • The device will be limited in hardware features, such as only 6GB of storage, since its primary use will be when connected to the Amazon cloud services.  Which means it will be a Wi-Fi device.
  • The release date is around the end of November with a price at $250.

So far, it does not sound like a fully functional Android tablet PC.  It appears to not be in the same class as the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Tab, or the Toshiba Thrive.  It will probably be more comparative to Barnes & Nobel’s Nook, which is also an Android tablet.

Many folks are comparing it to the iPad and saying that this tablet will be the first competitor to the iPad.  Well maybe a strong competitor as far as sells go, but not a competitor in features and functionality.

This will be a big seller to those who needs are simple, and users seeking directed usage without a lot of confusing bells and whistles.

Original text:

Not even a graphic to display – makes this post even more speculative than others.  However, there is a lot of talk on the web about Amazon releasing their own android tablet PC, and the speculated release date is sometime in October.

I admit that Amazon has positioned themselves as an “all things” to mobile android devices.  They have an Android AppStore to sell apps for both phones and tablets, plus, they even give away a free app everyday, which normally requires a purchase;  The Amazon Cloud for storing data;  They also have the Music store, and Movie rental service.  Don’t forget the entire line of eBooks via their android version of the Kindle app.

Amazon will probably contract with a manufacturer in Taiwan or Korea to build the tablets for them based on Amazon’s specifications.

Other rumors say the tablet will be 9 inches and contain all the typical features of the tablets currently on the market.  But the nicest rumor is that it will probably sell for around $300 or less!!  Some are saying that this device will turn out to be the biggest competitor to the iPad.  But, if you like to live on the island of Apple, then nothing will sway you away from that bitter fruit.

Stay tuned to this post for further updates as more is rumored, or officially released about a possible Amazon tablet PC.

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