Google Music and Movies on Android Tablets


Google Music and Movies on Android Tablets

Use the Google Music and Movies service to listen to a large variety of music and watch movies.

Before you can do anything with Google Music or Movies, you need a Google account, and set up your Google Wallet.  The Google Wallet is required to charge your purchases or rentals to.  You can create a new Google account here –> Google Accounts

Google has released a couple of nice apps that allow users of Android tablets to play their favorite music, or watch a rented movie – anywhere. I say “anywhere” because both services are not internet dependent. You can download the music you want to listen to, and/or movies you want to watch, to your tablet while connected to the internet, then disconnect and enjoy later.

Google Music

This is a new service offered by Google, which was in beta for a few months, and just recently released to all android tablet owners.  Currently, there is no cost, and the limit is 20,000 music files (barely enough for my music library).

To use Google Music, you will need to download the Google Music (Free) app to your tablet,  click here to download –> Google Music.  When you go to Google’s Android Market, you will see tabs across for Apps, Music, Books, Movies, and My Library (see below)

Google Music and Movies on Android Tablets

Once you access the website and  sign in, you can upload your music library, plus Google gives you the option to also include several free tracks from their free music library.  The website allows you to sort, tag, create playlists, create instant mixes based on a single track, and even play the music.

Google Music and Movies on Android Tablets

This is working very well for me and I can gain access to my music from any PC, android tablet, and my android phone.

You can buy music and/or upload your own.  It is nice since I can upload all my music, and then play it anywhere.  I don’t have to worry about licences, rights, etc.  The new Apple music cloud app limits you to music you purchased through iTunes and also sells music.  They are all about the money, to be sure.

Google Movies

This is a very cool service available to all Android devices.  You access the Android Market and click on the Movies tab. Movies from major Hollywood film studios, including new releases, are available to rent.  You can either stream the movies on your computer or tablet, or you can download the movie to your tablet to watch anytime.  Movie rentals range from $1.99 for older movies to $3.99 for new releases.

After you download the movie to your tablet, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to start watching it.  Once you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish watching it, or you can watch it again and again before the 24 hours are up.  There are some exceptions to these rules on a movie by movie basis, so be sure to read each movie’s rental policy before you rent it.

You need a Google account, Google Checkout account, and a valid credit card.  You also need Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or greater on your computer to stream the movies (sorry Apple users).

Another cool feature about watching on your tablet, is if you have an HDMI out port, you can connect to a HDTV using an HDMI cable and watch the movie on the big screen.

Google Music and Movies on Android Tablets


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  1. How can I watch a movie I have on a DVD? I have an ASUS Transformer with 2 USB and one SD card ports available.
    Can I plug an external DVD drive into the USB port, or can I copy the DVD to a flash drive? If not can I convert the DVD to some other format (like mp4) and if so how do I do it using Windows or Linux?
    What app would I use to play the movie?

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