Tablet PCs for Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 MetroThe Windows 8 Consumer Preview version has been available for download for free since February 29th.  You can download it onto a laptop and see how it works.  But, unless you download it onto a tablet PC, you will not get a real feel for the functionality of the Windows 8 Metro touch screen interface.

There are a few existing tablet PCs that will run Windows 8 Metro just fine.  These are not Windows 8 certified, which means there will be some features in Windows 8 that you cannot use.  Such as the Near Field Communications (NFC), and the Windows 8 physical Start button. But unless you have another device with NFC, you cannot use it anyway; and the Metro interface has a touch button on the screen that also works as a Start button.  There may be some other minor functions that do not work 100%, but the largest majority of the Metro features should work well, plus you can get a feel for how the touch interface works.

Some have reported that initially, they hated Windows 8 Metro, but it grew on them, and now they really like it.  So, pick up one of these tablet PCs, download Windows 8 Preview, and have some fun.

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Here are some suggestions for tablet PCs that should run Windows 8 Metro without issue:

Samsung Series 7 Tablet PC

Samsung Series 7

Samsung Series 7 Windows tablet PC – This tablet PC with an 11.6 inch display and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM, is the nicest Windows tablet PC available.  The Intel i5 dual core processor will handle Windows 8 easily.  It comes with the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.  There is an optional docking station and a Electromagnetic pen.  The docking station has an Ethernet connector for joining into a network of other PCs, and the tablet comes with a SDHC Memory Slot; Full Size USB 2.0; micro HDMI; Sim slot for 3G/4G; Microphone; and an Audio Jack.

Asus Eee EP121


ASUS EEE EP121 – ASUS was one of the first to release a viable Windows tablet PC.  It has a 12.1 inch touch screen, a choice of 32GB or 64GB, and has 4 GB of RAM.  It also comes with the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.  This tablet also features Intel’s i5 dual core processor.  The included Bluetooth keyboard and pen make using Windows applications easy.

Acer W500

Acer W500

Acer W500 – Acer makes a nice Windows tablet PC which has a smaller 10.1 inch display, and is half the price of the other two listed above. Acer makes two models, the W500, which comes with Windows 7 Home premium, and the W500P which comes with Windows 7 Professional. Both tablets have 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The optional docking keyboard has additional ports including an Ethernet connection. The dual core 1GHz AMD processor has plenty of power to run Windows 7 or 8.

There are a couple of other tablets that you’ll see at the Windows Tablet PC Store site, such as the HP Slates, and another Acer dual-screen tablet.  All of these tablets should run with Windows 8 Preview and let you have a great shot at evaluating Microsoft’s new operating system.


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