Use Windows on an Android Tablet PC

Use Windows on your Android tablet without buying a license, or hacking your tablet to install Windows.  Keep your Android tablet, and use this app to open a Windows session via a cloud service.

I’m not talking about installing Windows on your Android tablet, this is an app that uses a cloud service to display a virtual Windows session on your Android tablet.  This is not a remote access service to remotely access your own Windows PC, rather it is a remote access which only accesses the cloud servers on the OnLive network.  The Windows desktop screen has icons to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, and Flash.

OnLive DesktopThe only drawback to this service is that it is a cloud service, which means you can only use it when connected to the internet. There is not any offline functionality. The advantage of being a cloud service is that files are stored on the cloud which can be accessed by any other device with internet access (providing the device has the right credentials to gain access).

Some note worthy features:

Since it is a cloud service, the applications are running on a faster server with tons of memory.  This means you can open large files running on the cloud, and display them on your tablet.

The service uses Internet Explorer 10 with all its features, which gives you nice internet access, full email access, and many storage options.

You can create, edit, analyze, or attach to an email using any of the applications, with the full functionality of the latest versions.

Download the free app from the Android Market here: OnLive Desktop

The free app and service includes 2GB of storage and access to the virtual desktop on an “as-available” basis, other storage options are available for a fee, which gives you priority access to the virtual desktop, browser access, email access, and more storage space.  In order to get full access, you really need to sign up for the $4.99 a month service.

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