Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro


Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro

Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro

Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro – We have a couple of new versions of Windows, curiosity of Microsoft, to add confusion to the already multiple versions of Windows on PCs today.  Let me try to clarify what the new stuff is all about.

All the rage these days is about tablet PCs.  Microsoft built some limited touch screen functions in the latest version of Windows 7, however, it basically sucks compared to iOS and Android.  As usual, Microsoft was behind the eight ball working veraciously trying to catch up.  And catch up they did.  In fact, Microsoft not only delivered an operating system that competes with iOS and Android, they redefined what a touch screen OS should do.

Now, iOS and Android are working hard to catch up.  Way to go Microsoft!!

Windows 8 comes in three varieties, Windows RT (Run-Time), Windows 8, and Windows 8 Pro.  Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro – What about these new versions? Let’s talk about the similarities first.  What is the same between these various versions?

  • Full on 10 point touch screen capable, with new touch gestures that never existed before (cool stuff)
  • Can pull apps from the Windows Store, including several free apps
  • Includes apps for eMail, Messaging, Photos, Skydrive, and Calendar
  • Internet Explorer 10 (Chrome and Firefox are also available for all 3 versions)
  • Keeps you up to date and more secure with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update.

Windows RT also contains the following functions:

  • Comes with Office Home & Student 2013 RT (not the 100% real thing) Preview preinstalled so you can do more out of the box. This includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can directly view and edit these files and keep them compatible with the regular version of Office. The Office Home RT version does not have all the functionality of the full regular version, but it will do most, if not all, of the functions that most of us use.
  • Provides enhanced data protection using BitLocker technology to help keep your information secure.

These functions are available in Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, but NOT in Windows RT:

  • Runs programs that work with previous versions of Windows (will NOT run on Windows RT)
  • Runs programs designed for Windows 8 (will NOT run on Windows RT)
  • Contains all the features and functions currently existing in Windows 7

Here are some additional features of Windows 8 Pro:

  • Provides enhanced data protection using BitLocker technology to help keep your information secure.
  • Enables you to connect to your PC when you’re on the go with Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Connects to your corporate or school network with Domain join.

Windows RT vs Windows 8 vs Windows 8 Pro – OK, so which one should you buy?

If you have an Android tablet already, and I’m referring to tablet running a full version of Android, not a Kindle, Nook, or some other model using a limited version of Android; and you’re happy with the tablet, then you don’t need Windows RT.  I have a Xoom with Android 4.1 on it and it will do everything a tablet with Windows RT can do.  I also have an HP laptop that is just a little over a year old and it took the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro easily.  I really don’t need a tablet with Windows RT or Windows 8 – but the tech nerd in me is dying inside because I don’t own the latest and greatest.  Hmmmm, follow the logic of my mind, or the cravings of my heart?  Currently, my mind is overpowering my heart, but not for much longer.

If you have not ventured into the tablet world yet, or if you are using an iPad, then a new tablet with Windows RT (like a Microsoft Surface) is a must purchase.

If you need a tablet that will run all your old Windows programs, plus the new ones, and/or your PC is old or otherwise in need of being replaced, then get a tablet with a detachable keyboard (like the ASUS VivoTab) with Windows 8 (not Windows RT)

If you need the same as in the previous paragraph, but you also need to join a network at home or work, then get the same tablet with Windows 8 Pro.

Most of us will make the move to a Windows 8 computer in the not far future.  For my laptop, it is running faster and more reliable with Windows 8.  I can easily switch between the Metro interface and the Classic interface, and since I’m still running a lot of older stuff, I find myself in the Classic interface most of the time.

With the limitations of Windows RT, I have to recommend that you hold out for a Windows 8 or Windows Pro tablet.

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