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Tablet Comparison

Tablet Comparison Chart

With so many Android tablet PCs on the market, it can be difficult to compare the specifications unless you put them side-by-side.  Below are links to side-by-side tablet PC comparison charts. I have done that for you and will attempt to keep the information updated as new Tablet PCs are released.  The differences are small, but you should first decide on your budget, and what you need.  And then, use these comparison charts to pick which tablet is best for you.

Recently, there have been many new 7 inch tablets released, so I have divided the android tablet PC comparison charts into two, one for 10 inch Android tablet PCs, and a second for 7 – 9 inch Android tablet PCs.

There have been many Tablet PC devices rumored or announced.  We only list the ones that are available to purchase.  These charts will be updated as more tablets become available.  See the Tablet Reviews page for more information about what is coming.

These tablet PC comparison charts do not contain all the devices on the market, only the Tablet PCs that TabletPCDevices.com has reviewed and are recommending to our customers for purchase.

Click on one of these links for the chart you want to see:

Android Tablet PC Comparison Chart – 10 inch tablets

Android Tablet PC Comparison Chart – 7 – 9 inch tablets

Windows Tablet PC Comparison Chart

Tablet PCs with Keyboards – Android and Windows